Tuesday, 1 May 2012

L'Oreal bot reaches new height of stupidity

I wrote about L'Oreal's animal testing procedures a while ago. It wasn't the testing I was shocked about though, it was L'Oreal's blatant ploy to purposefully deceive it's customers into believing that they don't test on animals. When curious Facebook fans ask about their testing policies, L'Oreal Paris UK assert that they "do not test our finished products" on animals and haven't done for some time - how noble of them. What they don't tell you about this cleverly worded reply however is that they continue to test the ingredients that go into said finished products, on, you guessed it - animals. Their copy-pasted stock responses seem to be enough to fool the majority of their Facebook fans, until one lady cottoned onto their stock-response pasting routine.
They pasted the anticipated response anyway. Proving that "L'Oreal" don't even read their customers queries on animal testing but simply fob them off with deceiving copy-pasted nonsense. Oh and L'Oreal are the worlds most profitable cosmetics company, smaller companies like The Co-Op and Superdrug manage to create their own BUAV approved home brand products, so L'Oreal sure as hell can afford to follow suit.

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  1. It is so patronising of them to say it is an "emotive subject".